Saturday, November 29, 2008

Getting Ready for our 2008 Visit to Guatemala

On Wednesday, December 3, 2008, three people from Chapel by the Sea will visit its sister church in Guatemala. Going on the trip will be Diane Peterson, an elder currently serving on Chapel's Session; Melody Frazier, Chapel's Director of Christian Education, and me - Maynard Pittendreigh. I have been told I am the first pastor from Chapel to visit our sister church, and that it has been two years since Chapel sent anyone to Guatemala.

This Sister Church relationship with the Iglesia Presbiteriana Nueva Jerusalem in Villa Canales began January 9, 1996. From the very beginning, this relationship has been viewed as "a partnership between equals."

The first group to visit Nueva Jerusalem included Cheri and Bill Boyer, Ed Meyers and Sue Strachan. This first visit took place in October, 1998.

Carolyn Underwood and Sue Strachan went in November, 2000, and in November, 2001, Marge Golden, Sue Strachen, Carolyn Underwood and Jackie Richie went. Another trip was made in November, 2002, by Lee Ann Ivestor and Carolyn Underwood. Each of these trips involved Chapel members helping teach in the Vacation Bible School. Members of Nueva Jerusalem were also making trips to visit Chapel by the Sea.

The last trip that anyone from Chapel made to visit our sister church in Guatemala was in May, 2003, when our Parish Nurse, Sheila Morales, went with Lee Ann Ivester.

Hurricane Charley hit Ft. Myers Beach in 2004 and with the aftermath of that storm and the transition of pastors at Chapel we've not been able to exchange visits.

The purposes of our 2008 trip will be to renew and reinvigorate our Sister Church relationship and to participate in their Vacation Bible School. We are hoping that we will have plenty of opportunities to update this web page, writing about our experiences as they happen.

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We will be praying for you daily, excited for the great things that you will experience in the Lord's work.