Monday, December 8, 2008

A Few Random Images

As with any trip, there are so many memories images. Here are a few...

When we traveled, it was often in a car or truck. Melody and Diane would ride in one car and I would be in another. Melody and Diane would be in the back seat with one of the members from Nueva Jerusalem, and two men would take the remaining seats in the front. If the pastor was with us, they would put him in the truck. Yep, that's an image you don't forget.

In my office at Chapel, I have a basket of plastic glasses with fake noses and bushy eyebrows. I don't remember how this started, but I do remember Linda Baldwin, our church administrator started it. As it says on the rim of the glasses, "Just add a face and you'll have an instant party." Melody decided we should take them, just in case -- so we packed three. One night, they came out of the bag and the three of us posed for a photo at the church - each of us wearing one of those silly glasses. The next thing we knew, everyone in the church was standing in a line, waiting to pose for their own photo.

At one point, the three of us were at a Wendys Restaurant -- yes, just like the ones back home. It was our last lunch and we had no interpreter. I watched Melody and Diane struggle with complcated orders, so I thought I would make mine simple. "Ocho Combo con papas fritas." I even pointed at the number eight combo meal on the picture-menu. None of us got the right order, but it was good!

We leaarned that some Anglo names do not translate well. Melody remained "Melody," but Diane was often called Diana. People pronouced "Maynard" as "minar," so after the first day, I became "Manny," a nickname the youth of my last chuurch called me. Somewhere, my nickname became Queso Grande - "the Big Cheese."

The best memories will be the great people we met. They treated us so well. We are all in hopes of staying in contact with them via emal, Facebook, and in any way possible.

I feel that Chapel is so blessed to have this sister church relationship.

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