Friday, December 5, 2008

Thursday and Friday Activities

There were tears in the eyes of some of the people we visited on Thursday. "I consider you angels who have visited me in my home," one lady told us. She lived in a very simple home on a hill. Chickens roamed her yard and we sat outside visiting. A simple one room bakery in her house filled the air with the most wonderful aroma. Her family sells this bread for their livelihood, but she gave us a big bag to enjoy when we left her house.

We visited a dozen homes. Many of those we visited are sick. With us was the pastor and a few other church members. We would enter the house, introduce ourselves, chat, sing hymns and read Scripture. The hymns and Scripture are all in Spanish, of course, so we are getting an opportunity to practice what little we know.

All this week, our sister church, Nueva Jerusalem, is having Bible School. There are about 120 children attending, and they are the most energetic kids, especially when it comes to singing. It is more like a concert than a church service. Diane and Melody were helping to lead the singing and dancing, but I figured my talents were best used taking photos and video for posting on the web later on. Tonight we will share gifts and crafts from Chapel by the Sea with the children.

Our host families have been wonderful to us and the food has been fantastic. Today, Friday, we had the opportunity to visit and tour Guatemala City, and to do a little shopping. At one point, we were driving along in a truck. Melody and Diane were in a car behind us, but in the truck I was in the center seat with the driver on one side and the translater on the other. Suddenly, my translater, Peter, hopped out of the truck and the truck drove on. The driver eventually parked and after a while, he got out and left me alone. It seemed to be a good time for a nap, and since we´ve been so busy, I grabbed some shut eye. After about 15 minutes, we drove on to a restaurant and enjoyed lunch at the school where they teach the great chefs of Guatemala. The food was outstanding. Eventually Peter and my driver, David, caught up with us and joined us for lunch. We just do what we are told, and go where we are taken, and it all works out well.

Melody and Diane are still at the church, but I have returned to my host family´s home in order to work on my sermon for this Sunday. I get to preach during the service. I´m told I should prepare for a 45 minute sermon. But before starting my preparation, I wanted to share what we were up to.

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How sweet it is. Thanks for the update.Ginny and I continue to pray with others for you. Knowing God is blessing you mightly.